The Ropalolyst - Jupiter

WARNING: This guide contains spoilers for the main Lotus Trilogy of quests in Warframe. Please ensure you have at least completed The Sacrifice and Chimera Prologue before continuing.

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Overview and Lore

The Ropalolyst was released with the Jovian Concord update on the 22nd May 2019 along with the Corpus Gas City rework. To engage this mission, one must have completed a mission on the Ganymede node of Jupiter and also finished the Chimera Prologue Quest.

With the events of Operation: Hostile Merger, Alad V has now engaged in an alliance with the Sentients, led by Natah (aka, The Sentient Lotus). As part of the arrangement Natah has sent one of her flying battle units, The Ropalolyst, the keep guard of Jupiter. You are able to see this as it flies around the Corpus Gas City skybox in any mission on Jupiter.

Further Expansion on Natah’s Dialog WIP


Credit to ThatGuyMinos for his help in finding the method below of defeating the Ropalolyst.

Phase 1

The Ropalolyst is surprisingly easy compared to taking down an Eidolon unit.

During Phase 1, The Ropalolyst will bombard you with delayed laser explosions that deal large amounts of damage, avoid staying still for long periods of time and make use of Void Mode on your Operator. Use your Amp to take down the Ropalolysts Overshields, once drained it will gain Super Armor(invulnerability). Then head for one of the three generators connected to the main floor by wires. Watch out for some of the wires being electrified by the Ropalolyst. Once on the floor of the generator, the Ropalolyst will begin charging a massive laser, put the generator between you and it will instead overcharge it. I would recommend using your Operators Void Mode for this as the laser has knock back along with a high DPS.

NOTE: The Ropalolyst will be able to see you while your Operator is in void mode, but not damage you. Beware of the large knock back laser as it will be able to knock you out of bounds even in Void Mode.

From here, you then have the opportunity to mount the Ropalolyst by launching towards its feet and spamming the interaction button (by default it is ‘X’). Once in this state, the Ropalolyst will be harmless. Feel free to fly it a little, but once your ready, fly it into the Generator you charged to play a cut-scene and start Phase 2

Phase 2

In Phase 2 the Ropalolyst will anchor itself to the central platform and begin attacking you. Some nominal enemy units may also spawn, remove these swiftly before continuing. The Ropalolyst may have overshields, drain these using your Operators Amp as before, once drained it will gain Super Armor again.

On it’s back with be a pair of Synovia (almost like engines, similar to the joins on Eidolons). Time it correctly and destroy one of the Synovia once it is in the centre of the floor. This will root it to the floor but also cause it to shoot homing missiles at all in-range players. Quickly move to the Console Panel on the central floor closest to the entrance of the boss room and activate it. This will fire a deadly beam down from the ceiling dealing high damage to the Ropalolyst.

Completion of this will send the Ropalolyst Back to Phase 1 where this must be completed two more times. On the final third Phase 2, ensure you take its health down all the way to zero and then quickly activate the laser to prevent it fully regenerating.

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