Operation: Hostile Mergers

Welcome to Flash Deviant’s guide to Hostile Mergers, this guide will be split into three segments, Strategy, Clan and Rewards. The aim of the guide is to give you the knowledge needed to run this event in either a pub team or composed team (maybe solo if you can handle it!). Once armed with this knowledge, you should be able to Nail Hostile Mergers quickly and effectively to nail all the reward objectives and net a large score for your clan!

Operation: Hostile Mergers started with the release of the Jovian Concord expansion on the 22nd May 2019. Alad V has proposed an alliance with the Sentient in an effort to wipe the Tenno from the Origin system. In Hostile Merger, Tenno must disrupt their plans by taking keys from the new Amalgam enemy units and defending towers on Ganymede, Jupiter from Demolysts who wish to destroy them.

Like Operation: Pacifism Defect which introduced the game mode, Defection. Hostile Mergers introduces the game mode, Disruption. This mission is a permanent change to the Ganymede node on Jupiter. While the Operation is on, you are able to run the node from the Alerts menu to achieve individual rewards. Once cleared, you will be granted the ability to do an Endurance run, the highest time from it will be displayed on your Profile and contribute to your clan score.

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