The bounty in itself is simple right up to the last stage. I would advise the following squad structure in priority order:

  • Tank/Damage Support — Rhino built for Iron Skin and Roar is my recommendation or perhaps a Chroma built for Vex Armor and Elemental Ward.
  • Crowd Control/Kill — Nekros built for Terrify is good as well as Nyx, but if you have good energy resupply, an Equinox built for Max Range and Strength using Mend & Maim is the master class due to the Slash damage and procs up against Infested
  • Energy Support — Trinity is the obvious choice for this one, it will certainly blend well with the previous two suggestions
  • Focused Crowd Kill or random — A good choice for this would be Saryn if your other three slots are not strong, otherwise bring whatever you like

If your looking at a compromise, I would certainly recommend a solid crowd control over crowd kill as they are typically more energy efficient and being overrun with advanced infested types can be easy if not controlled correctly. Having the only crowd control/kill frame be out of action for half a minute while trying to recover energy can cause your squad to flop easily.

As for weapons, I would highly recommend the Atterax for helping clear large amounts of infested with its superior slash damage. But most critically, ensure to bring a Hit-scan weapon with a high level of damage per bullet. Hit-scan meaning that the bullet will instantly hit the target upon depressing the trigger. Bows for eample are not Hit-scan, while a Soma would be.

Having this kind of weapon is important as it will maximise the damage you can do towards the Hemocyte (more on that later). If you have a weapon setup for Eidolons, that will work fine. Oherwise a well-built Lanka, Vectis, Rubico or Tigris built for high crit and corrosive damage.

You may also instead opt to bring a high status and impact melee weapon instead of the Atterax and attach Shattering Impact to it as it can reduce armour on the Hemocyte.

Stage 1

The first stage will waypoint a random cave that you will need to enter. Inside somewhere will be a yellow podium, find it and interact with it and you’ll be given a core similar to the ones found in Sabotage 2.0 missions. Once you escape from the cave you’ll be done with the first stage.

Image needed, please contact me if you have one

Stage 2

The second stage requires you to take the core to an Armoured Vault that you would find in normal bounties. Upon unlocking it, drop the core inside by interacting with a panel where it will start mixing up a poison for the boil.

You will need to defend this for 3 minutes. Meanwhile, you’ll be given the option to add two ingredients to the mixer, Eidolon Phylaxis and Infested Catalyst.

The Phylaxis is earned from the Operational Supply at Rank 1 while the Catalyst is available in the Clan Bio Lab for 5,000 credits for a permanent blueprint.

Images of the foundry entry and locations to buy needed

These are vital for maximising time. Ideally each member of a 4 person squad should have at least one of each in their gear wheel as you’ll need 4 of each to get the benefits for the team. Adding 4 Eidolon Phylaxis will net you a bonus 1000 standing points upon completing the mission, so will the Infested Catalyst, making a grand total for each mission 3000 standing instead of 1000.

It is also possible for team members to donate more than one of each ingredient in case one person forgets or your playing solo.

Using the Phylaxis and Catalysts are also vital for clan scoring, but more on that later. After the minutes are up, pick up the core for the next stage.

Stage 3

The third stage is a simple drone escort that can vary in the amount of time to complete depending on how close its spawn is to the boil. Give the drone the core and escort to the boil, simple. If you bring a Nova, she can help by warping the drone and clearing the stage quickly as the drone could be 1000m+ from the boil.

Stage 4 - Final Stage/Boss

Now, the final stage is complex but I will break it down. The boil creates infested spawn pods around itself that will send infested units across its area.

Need pictures of the spawn pods

Kill them all until the counter below the map reaches 100%. The Atterax and Crowd killing frames should clear the way for you easily here if following mine or a similar squad configuration.

Depending on if you’ve submitted your Catalysts and Phylaxis at Stage 2, a slightly smaller variant of Lephantis (aka. Hemocyte) will spawn from the boil up to four times during this stage.

Pictures of the Hemocyte needed

The method for killing him is the same for if you’ve fought Mr Three Heads before. For those who haven’t, he will have three heads each representing one of the three main enemy factions. On the heads, they will have brightly coloured areas, this is the weak spot of that head specifically.

Need diagram of the weak spots exposed

When it does its attack animation, the weak spot will be opened, allowing you to deal damage to it. Once all three heads are destroyed, the Hemocyte is dead. If you have followed my squad configuration, Rhino’s Stomp will allow you more time to hit the weak spots and the roar will boost damage. Your high damage per bullet weapons boosted by roar will allow you to easily take down the heads.

Upon the Hemocyte dying, he will drop a random Hunter Set Mod and a Hemocyte Cystolith which is used for clan scoring (more later).

If you manage to kill the last Hemocyte and reach 100%, you will be done with the Bounty and can return to Cetus for your rewards!


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